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Client Update : March 2024

About 30 years ago, my then-employer asked me to travel to London to interview a fund manager called Clare Brook. Interviewing over, I decided my prospects in the City might be better than in the not-so-boom town of Preston in Lancashire.

My meeting with Clare was at the reasonably impressive No 1 Poultry, and I was also hugely impressed with her energy and drive for sustainable investing. Although, it was more likely to be called “ethical investing” at that time.

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Client Update : December 2023

A natural part of being human is that we crave some certainty and an indication of what the future has in store for us.

Investors follow that pattern, with the last few weeks of every year becoming a blizzard of Economic Outlook events and seminars.

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Client Update : November 2023

Over the next three months, you will notice several changes we are making at the firm: new people working on client services and our investment process/research, and a new brand name.

We felt that the current business name, Impact Lens Financial Planning, needs to be shorter. We also wanted to move away from the emphasis on ‘impact investing’, which only makes up a small part of our business mix.

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Client Update : August 2023

As an investment advice and financial planning firm, we aim to assist clients with making sound investment and financial management decisions. Our principal objective is to help you and your family get the most from the available financial resources so you can do more of what you enjoy.

These newsletters will settle into a quarterly pattern; roughly every three months we will provide you with a brief market summary of how the key asset groups have fared over the past six months. We will also update you on changes to our services and provide more general market and financial planning commentary.

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2022 in Review : An Update from John Ditchfield

The life of a financial planning business is full of events: births and marriages, people retiring or setting up businesses or moving to new organisations. Sadly, we’ve also said goodbye to one or two clients due to age or illness. My two children both entered their teenage years, and my long-suffering business partner Matt has some big news coming next year.

I hope we’ve been able to assist people through troubling or difficult times as well helping our clients with their long-term planning.

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